Founded on the principles of beauty and connection, Nightfall is an erotic platform dedicated to elevating pleasure into the luxury sphere with its curated collection of sex toys and accessories.

Founder and Creative Director Filip Arickx previously built a legendary status in the fashion industry as half of the iconic design duo A.F. Vandevorst. The Belgian fashion house made international waves with its fetish-inspired redefinition of avant-garde womenswear.

Nightfall is Filip’s new venture into the more tactile forms of eroticism, bringing his design talent, artistic direction and fashion aesthetics to the worlds of joy and pleasure.

Designed with couples in mind and for lovers of every persuasion, Nightfall objects are created for intimacy and connection. Nightfall toys are more than a tool for self-pleasure. They open new avenues for erotic exchange, making pleasure and eroticism a daily routine while honouring the sacred ritual of togetherness.

At Nightfall, Erotica is a new creative discipline dedicated to uninhibited bliss and its luxury toys are lifestyle objects that put as much importance on fashion as on function.

Filip Arickx, co-founder of Nightfall